6 things you didn't know about STEM jobs and students

There are still an overwhelming number of occupations that require specialized skills and talent, but not enough qualified professionals who are applying for or filling those positions. There is still a movement to entice female students, minority students—heck, all students—to pursue an education followed by an occupation in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

But interest in these fields is increasing, according to a new national report released by STEMconnector, a STEM information database, and My College Options, a college-planning website that uses questionnaires to collect data on students' interests and career aspirations. The report—Where are the STEM Students? What are Their Career Interests? Where are the STEM Jobs?—pegs the STEM interests of one million high school students in the United States and documents how their interest correlates with the STEM workforce to come in five years.

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